Do it all — a guaranteed way to fail at homeschooling

From my previous post, one thing that many people new to homeschooling (and some who have been at it awhile) think:

  • It’s all on you, but it doesn’t have to be. When you start, you are going to feel like you have to do EVERYTHING and by yourself. No.

It is so easy to feel overwhelmed. There is so much to sort through and research and explore. Curriculums, learning styles, learning objectives, extracurricular activities.

I felt like I had to have every answer to every possible situation from Day 1 (when my oldest was 6, middle was a newborn). I also had a fear (true story) that we would be out in the middle of the day at the grocery store and have someone jump out at us from the end of the aisle and interrogate us as to what we were doing and why my daughter was not in school.

I am relieved to report — this never happened.

Now, when someone asks what grade my kids are in, if they are asking me, I say the grade they are going into. If someone asks my kids, they will get “well, I do X grade math, and Y grade English, and Z grade science,” and then I say “we homeschool”.

Homeschool kids!

Anyway, you are going to think you have to make decisions as to what curriculum your kids are going to use from Day 1 until they graduate. You do not. This changes. For some people, it changes every year. For some people, it changes with some of the major grade transitions — 5th to 6th; 8th to 9th. Other times, you will think you’ve got one you love, and the kids hate it. Other times you will use something they like that you realize isn’t giving them what they need to get.

You are going to think that you have to know exactly what activities they should do. You are not going to know that until they get in there and see what they enjoy and what works for your family’s schedule.

You are going to think that every day has to be structured with an allotted amount of time spent on specific subjects every day or you have failed and your children are going to know nothing. Not true. You are going to spend a great deal of time on some subjects on some days and less on others. Some days you won’t get to a subject at all, and take a moment here, there are going to be some chunks of time where your kids are learning outside of books, workbooks, and journals.

And, it is all going to be okay. If you are showing up for your kids, and you are requiring that they show up for themselves, it is all going to work out.

It is what it is. You are learning as you go, just like your children.



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